Where to Find Milk Glass Collectables

Milk glass is a popular milky-white glass that can be used to make a variety of decorative items. This include dishes, plates, cups, salt and pepper shakes, vases, figurines, ornaments, boxes among many other items. Milk glass is characterized by its creamy, thick milky texture and often is opaque or white in color. However, milk glass also comes in pink, blue, green, purple and several other colors.

Collecting milk glass is a fascinating American pastime. Milk glass is a beautiful, elegance and delicate decorative item and many pieces of milk glass come with a rich history and valuable price tag. Whether you are looking to start a collection, add to a pre-existing collection, or purchase milk glass for a friend or family member, you will need to know where to start your search:


Many people will start their milk glass collection search at the large manufacturers including Fenton Glass Company, the Kanawha Glass Company, Fostoria Glass Company, Imperial Glass Company, Kemple Glass, McKee Glass Company, Mosser Glass, Westmoreland Glass Company and Morgantown Glass Works, among many others. Manufacturers will produce both original older designs as well as replications.

Antique and Collectable Stores

For a more authentic shopping experience, many people will choose to look for milk glass collectables in antique shops as well as yard sales and flea markets. There is a good chance that you will go home empty handed but antique shopping can be a more fulfilling experience and also more exciting when you do locate that perfect milk glass candy dish for your collection. Antique and collectable store owners will usually have a knowledgeable understanding on the milk glass and can help date the piece as well.


You can find anything online and this is also the case with milk glass collectables. Although you can try auctions and online garage sales such as e-bay or craigslist, you donít know for sure what you are buying. Online sites such as the National Milk Glass Collectorís Society can help you determine if the milk glass you are looking at is valuable. Before consulting any auction site, itís best to do your research.

Additional Tips to Finding Milk Glass Collectables

Regardless of where you buy your milk glass items, itís a good idea to ask for a certificate for the milk glass, or at least a receipt. Many milk glass collectors will start a journal to record their milk glass findings. This may include price, place bought, history and additional information regarding the quality and purchase of the milk glass. This can help you reference it and also aid in the appraisal process later on.

Another great way to find milk glass collectables is to immerse yourself in the milk glass community, There are various groups, forums and even conventions held across America for milk glass collectors. Try to attend one near your home town where you will meet avid milk glass collectors, trade tips and learn the secrets to purchasing valuable milk glass items.